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Virtual Consultations

We want to continue to be here for you to help keep your body healthy and help provide you with virtual face to face consultations right from the comfort of your own home if you prefer to not visit our office for your appointment. It’s very easy to just let up and give up your routine with the current state of the world, but now is the time to reset and refocus on yourself and your family’s current state of health.

Not only do we offer the following consultations, we also offer test kits that can be sent directly to your home: Genetic Testing, Food Sensitivity Testing, COVID-19 Testing and Antibody Kit. 

Wellness Consultation • 60 MINUTES ($150)
  • Prior to your consultation, you will be emailed an in depth intake form to help Dr. Hogan better understand your current health related goals, current symptoms, medical history and family history. 
  • Once completed, Dr. Hogan will review your intake form and discuss your overall goals of care that you would like to achieve. This can be anything from improving hormonal imbalances, weight loss, nutritional guidance, or specialized genetic testing.
Weight Loss CONSULTATION 45 Minutes (75 dollars)

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Gut Health CONSULTATION • 30 Minutes ($75)
  • The gut is such a vital organ to overall health and is easily overlooked when it comes to a patient’s symptoms. 
  • Everything from food sensitivities to stress and prescription medications can disrupt the way your immune system responds or even absorption of vital nutrients at the gut level. 
  • Dr. Hogan will walk you through your entire history and current symptoms. During this time he will even go over several at-home tests (i.e., food sensitivity testing, stool and genetic testing) kits to look at your gut health.
Nutrition CONSULTATION • 45 Minutes ($75)
  • Let’s face it, nutrition is confusing to almost 65% of the people in this nation. What do I eat? Keto? Low Carb? Paleo? Is Intermittent Fasting Good?
  • Dr. Hogan is here to help simplify things for you and help keep you and your family on track. Food is so important and how it impacts our health and bodies! 
  • Dr. Hogan will walk through your current eating habits, likes and dislikes and discuss a plan of action to keep you moving forward.
Stem Cell Therapy CONSULTATION • 45 Minutes ($75)
  • Pain and decreased range of motion can play such a burden on your daily life and what activities you’re able to perform. 
  • Stem cells contain stimulating growth factors that can not only help decrease inflammation, but have been shown to help stimulate regeneration of certain tissue types within the body. 
  • During your consultation, Dr. Hogan with discuss with you the benefits of stem cell therapy and whether or not you are a great candidate for therapy.
COVID-19 Consultation • 30 Minutes ($50)

Dr. Hogan is here to answer your questions and concerns. This is a very scary time and he will help triage you and guide you home therapy options, prescriptions and even home testing kits. If testing positive with one of our home kits, Dr. Hogan provides you with a complimentary consultation.

Aesthetic Consultation

Botox CONSULTATION • 15-30 minutes (Complimentary)
  • We all know with the kids at home, those facial muscles are working overtime! When the social distancing has ceased and it’s time to correct those fine lines and wrinkles, Dr. Hogan will have written out a very specific plan to make sure you are looking your best when quarantining is over. 
  • Whether you are new to injectables or would like to discuss some problem areas, Dr. Hogan has the ability to walk you through a full facial consultation through our virtual portal.
Injectable Filler • 15-30 MINUTES (COMPLIMENTARY)

It can be a very scary topic when it comes to not knowing what types of filler there are, where can the filler be placed, and if a specific filler will correct your concerns. Dr Hogan is here to help answer all of your questions and concerns and help you come up with a specific plan together.


Summer is approaching fast and what better way to achieve your results in a non-invasive way with CoolSculpting. If you don’t know much about CoolSculpting or concerned about a specific stubborn area of fat that just won’t go away, Dr. Hogan is here to help guide you on a specific treatment plan to get you swimsuit ready.


Emsculpt is an amazing device that not only helps build muscle tissue, but also has the ability to burn fat tissue as well. With summer approaching fast and gyms currently closed, this is an amazing tool that provides over 20,000 muscular contractions within a 35-minute session.

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