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We want to help you discover what your body is trying to tell you, helping you reach your goals. At LVWellness & Aesthetics we aren’t going to sell you on a “quick fix…” typically with any quick fix, the results are either short-term or can affect your total body health. We want to provide you with a healthy lifestyle change with lasting results.

Through our integrative wellness programs, nutritional counseling and aesthetic treatments, we address any underlying health issues and discuss your goals. Dr. Hogan then will customize a plan specifically for your needs to get you on track to feeling your best.

We created a Hormone Membership and Aesthetic Membership for our patients to provide them with easy access to our office and treatments, as well as incredible savings. Dr. Hogan and his team at LVWellness & Aesthetics look forward to helping you achieve overall body harmony and stretch yourself to reach your goals! 

Hormone Membership

Pricing Varies

  • Hormone Prescription delivered directly to you each month
  • 4 – B12 Injections
  • Unlimited 30 Minute Visits with Dr. Justin Hogan
  • 4 In Body Fat % Evaluations
  • Unlimited Gym Access
  • 10% off all Products and Services
  • VIP Access to Savings/Promotions

Aesthetic Membership


  • $10 Per Unit of Botox
  • $50 off Injectable Fillers
  • 30% off EmSculpt
  • 20% off Skin Treatments
  • 30% off CoolSculpting
  • 50% off Weight Loss Injections
  • Free Gym Access
  • VIP Access to Savings/Promotions