Bio-Identical Hormone Therapy


Our value comes from the experience of our dedicated staff and our attention to detail.

Aging is a natural process, but the hormonal changes we experience can lead to unpleasant symptoms—hair loss, depression and unwanted weight gain. Through integrative medicine, we can balance hormones, and delay or eradicate negative affects of aging. We focus on identifying and addressing the root cause of the problem by incorporating nutrition, supplementation, fitness, and lifestyle solutions, rather than relying exclusively on pharmaceutical and invasive surgical interventions.


LVWell woman program

LVWell Woman Program is a custom-built program designed for only you. With our programs your focus, energy and overall quality of life will increase.

You owe it to yourself to find out more about how the LVWell Woman Program can work for you.

Below are just some of the treatments that we provide:

  • Testosterone Therapy
  • Estrogen Therapy
  • DHEA Therapy
  • Progesterone Therapy 
  • Thyroid Therapy