Solutions for men



Our value comes from the experience of our dedicated staff and attention to detail.

Most men accept weight gain, hair loss and decreased libido as unavoidable signs of aging. With proper integrative techniques and a focus on identifying and addressing the root cause of health issues, we help maintain optimal hormonal imbalances. We incorporate nutrition, supplementation, fitness, and lifestyle solutions rather than relying exclusively on pharmaceutical and invasive surgical interventions.


LVWell man program

LVWell Man Program is a custom-built system designed for you. Our individualized programs will increase your focus, energy and overall quality of life. 

You owe it to yourself to find out more about how the LVWell Man Program can work for you.

Below are just some of the treatments that we provide:

  • Testosterone Therapy
  • DHEA Therapy
  • Thyroid Therapy
  • Cardiovascular Screening