Dr. Justin Hogan, MD

Dr. Justin Hogan completed his Internal Medicine training at the Tulane affiliated site of Baton Rouge General Hospital in Baton Rouge, La. He is dedicated to continuing his education and pursuing training in the latest advances in his field. He is a member of the Texas Medical Association, World Link Medical, American Academy of Aesthetic Medicine and A4M.

Dr. Hogan believes that the doctor/patient relationship is crucial to his clients’ success. The average doctor spends 13-16 minutes with their patient. Dr. Hogan believes the lack of personalized care and understanding of a patient’s medical history is one of the many factors leading to unhealthy lifestyles and increases in illness and disease. Dr. Hogan and his team spend time with patients, asking questions and explaining the integrative techniques. His personal interest in each client’s health shows in his success in preventative medicine for cardiovascular disease, diabetes, obesity and hormonal imbalances. Beginning with a one-on-one, extensive conversation he counsels his patients through nutritional support, supplements and other corrective fitness therapy. Throughout these life-changing treatments, Dr. Hogan is available for consultations and adjustments to the plan.

FRONT Office Manager
Leslie Hogan

Growing up in the medical field, you see the good, the bad, and the ugly. When starting this practice with Dr. Hogan we wanted our patients to be able to see the positive side of health care — understanding your body and achieving the healthy lifestyle you need and deserve. Throughout your journey at LVWellness and Aesthetics my goal is to always have the facility equipped with the proper tools to give you the opportunity to prolong your life in the best way possible!


Office Manager

Is a Licensed Vocational Nurse originally from California with 22 years of experience in nursing, aesthetics, clinical research and management. She graduated from nursing school in San Diego with honors in 1997. She began her nursing career as a pediatric nurse where she worked for eight years before getting the opportunity to pursue a passion working as a Nurse Manager/Clinical Research Coordinator in Dermatology and Aesthetics for the past fourteen years.

With several years of experience she is looking forward to helping patients reach their goals in wellness, aesthetics and fitness. 

Licensed Vocational Nurse




Human movement specialist

Originally from Ohio, Ana has lived in Florida for 3 years before moving to Texas. She studied Exercise Science and Strength and Conditioning from Bluffton University where she obtained a Bachelor of Science with distinguished scholar degree.

Ana grew up competing in sports such as basketball and track and field. Her passion for rehabilitation and corrective training came from regular wear and tear and not recovering properly as a young athlete. From her experience and education, she has developed an understanding of the importance of establishing a structurally sound foundation in order to reach any goals in health and fitness. We only get one body, she believes it is never too late to make a change in order to ensure that it is functioning at its absolute best. With over 7 years in the health and fitness field, Ana has seen, experienced, and/or rehabilitated countless injuries. Seeing how different people deal and progress through different injuries and ailments, Ana is a true believer that everyone is unique and there is no “one size fits all” approach when it comes to training.

Beginning with a one on one consultation, Ana is able to discover her clients history and goals to ensure they receive the best program that is tailored to their needs.

Bachelor of Science, KCT


Front Desk coordinator
jacie Piland


Jacie is our Front Office Medical Coordinator with 10+ years of experience in the Wellness/Medical field. After attending Texas A&M, she set off on a journey she was passionate about, helping others achieve a healthier lifestyle. She looks forward to providing you the best care and being a part of your health journey here at LVWellness & Aesthetics.