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Non-Surgical Body Contouring to Look and Feel Your Best

CoolSculpting is the hottest new body contouring treatment because it offers a non-invasive, non-surgical option with results that are comparable to liposuction.

CoolSculpting is Non-Invasive Fat Removal

Diet and exercise are a great way to get healthy and look your best. But there are always some “problem areas” that stubbornly cling to pockets of pinchable fat, no matter how much you hit the gym. Starving yourself is not the answer. CoolSculpting can help

CoolSculpting Magnolia

CoolSculping is a non-invasive, non-surgical procedure to eliminate fat that is resistant to diet and exercise. It may have skin-tightening benefits, as well. With CoolSculpting, you can remove fat safely and permanently. Now you can complement your healthy lifestyle with the fine, chiseled features you’ve long sought.   

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What Is CoolSculpting?

CoolSculpting is an incredibly popular procedure because it is a non-surgical solution to body contouring. CoolSculpting works through cryolipolysis, a process that removes fat cells by exposing them to below-freezing temperatures.[1] Frozen fat cells die and are eliminated naturally through the body’s lymphatic system. 

Cryolipolysis describes the curious phenomenon of apoptosis that occurs when your fat cells come into contact with extreme cold. Fat cells are much more vulnerable to the cold than living skin cells. CoolSculpting leverages this fact to remove unwanted fat while leaving the surrounding skin unharmed.  

Does CoolSculpting Work Anywhere on the Body?

Indeed, CoolSculpting is FDA-approved to effectively remove fat from nine areas of the body. There is a specially designed CoolSculpting applicator that we use to sculpt the unique contours of each of these areas. Our esteemed Wellness Team are skilled and experienced CoolSculpting practitioners. We often combine a series of applicators to get the perfect fit. The CoolSculpting applicators deliver suction and precise cooling to the treatment area to lower it to the ideal temperature for apoptosis (between 39 and 41 degrees Fahrenheit).[2] Your unwanted fat is cooled to the point at which cryolipolysis takes place. The surrounding nerves, skin and muscles are unharmed by the process.

CoolSculpting Treatment Areas

  • Arms
  • Belly
  • Love Handles
  • Thighs
  • Chin 
  • Bra fat
  • Back fat
  • Banana Rolls
  • Jawline

CoolSculpting Candidates

The best candidates for CoolSculpting already have relatively firm, toned skin.[2] Our patients do enjoy some auxiliary skin-tightening benefits from the CoolSculpting procedure but it is important to note that body contouring is the primary intention of cryolipolysis. Ideal candidates wish to non-surgically address areas of intractable fat.  

CoolSculpting Is Not for Everyone

  • Avoid CoolSculpting if you are vulnerable to cold-induced medical conditions 
  • Obese patients should consider losing weight before CoolSculpting
  • Too much skin laxity will mute CoolSculpting results 

Ideal candidates should be at or near their goal weight. CoolSculpting is not a weight-loss procedure. CoolSculpting is a body contouring procedure designed to eliminate stubborn pockets of fat that have proven resistant to your efforts at diet and exercise. 

Your Private Consultation at LVWellness & Aesthetics

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CoolSculpting employs a variety of handheld applicator devices in order to do its body-shaping work.[3] Our team will find the right combination of specially designed applicators that are best suited for your contouring needs. LVWellness & Aesthetics is one of Texes’ leading authorities in CoolSculpting. A large part of that expertise is a deep understanding of the correct combination of applicators.  

During the treatment, one of our medical professionals applies a gel pad and applicator to the area, one by one. The applicator delivers controlled cooling to the targeted fat. The device is moved over your skin while administering suction and cooling technology to the target area.

You may experience feelings of pulling and pinching during the process, but overall the procedure involves minimal pain. Each treatment can take about 35 minutes per treatment area. People frequently listen to music or read during the procedure.

How Many CoolSculpting Treatments Are Needed?

Our experience at LVWellness & Aesthetics has shown us that it takes roughly one to three CoolSculpting sessions to achieve optimal results. The number of treatments needed depends on your particular response to the procedure and your individual goals.


The beauty of CoolSculpting is that it involves no downtime. After your brief and painless fat-reduction session, you can walk out of our offices at LV Wellness & Aesthetics and continue with your day. Often, patients may experience tenderness or redness in the treatment site, but these will quickly fade. In the days and weeks ahead, you will see your lasting results begin to take shape.  

Results That Last

CoolSculpting is not a weight-loss strategy. It is a body contouring opportunity. The weight loss journey shrinks fat cells through diet and exercise. CoolSculpting, however, decreases the number of fat cells overall. Diet and exercise will shrink the size of your fat cell while CoolSculpting decreases their total number. It is for this reason that CoolSculpting’s results can be enduring. The areas where cryolipolysis has taken place will maintain their contour. 

Many of our patients have sustained their amazing results permanently, and you can too. If you dedicate yourself to healthy lifestyle changes that include a sensible diet and regular exercise, your CoolSculpting contours will be long-lasting.

What Does CoolSculpting Cost in Houston, Texas?

Your personal consultation at LVWellness & Aesthetics is when we will gather all the necessary information to begin planning your course of treatment. Your aesthetic journey will be a collaboration in which you will have access to all of our CoolSculpting expertise. We are a leading authority on the procedure so, after a physical examination, we will be able to determine your CoolSculpting candidacy. We will be best able to quote you an accurate cost estimate at this time. Check our specials page regularly for opportunities to save.   

Cool Outcomes Without Surgery 

Thanks to CoolSculpting, you can shape your body without the costs and downtime of more invasive procedures. You will be satisfied with your results because LVWellness & Aesthetics is regionally recognized as the best CoolSculpting practice in Houston


Will CoolSculpting tighten skin?

In some cases, skin-tightening can be one of CoolSculpting’s auxilliary benefits. In addition to fat layer reduction, the procedure may reduce skin laxity. CoolSculpting patients often experience some additional results in regard to skin-tightening. This makes the procedure an attractive alternative to surgical body contouring procedures that, while effective, can be quite involved. A tummy tuck, for instance, is an excisional procedure in which loose and sagging skin are removed to create a sleeker appearance. While very effective in achieving dramatic results, downtime and recovery are significantly longer than CoolSculpting.  

How long does CoolSculpting last?

Your CoolSculpting results will be long-lasting provided you follow a healthy diet and regular exercise. As the fat cells in the target area are literally frozen and eliminated from the body, the contours of your silhouette are sculpted and improved. However, CoolSculpting is not a weight-loss treatment and cannot prevent the formation of new fat cells. If you have questions about the difference between weight loss and fat reduction, we will gladly answer any questions during your consultation.

Can CoolSculpting get rid of bat wings at the arms?

Non-surgical cryolipolysis treatments, such as CoolSculpting, can be effective at reducing “bat wing” arms. “Bat wings” are an embarrassing physical development that can occur with age. A combination of excess skin and fat tends to build up at the area above the elbows. As gravity takes hold of the loose flesh, “bat wings” are the unfortunate result. In CoolSculpting, the applicator applies cold energy to problem areas of intractable fat. The cold energy will destroy the fat cells while leaving the surrounding tissue unharmed. As your body harmlessly excretes the destroyed fat cells through the lymphatic system, you will see the pockets of fat under your arms start to vanish. 


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