Help your body recover faster through The Dash IV Recover Drip Therapies. Quick and effective solutions to get you feeling better faster.

If you are not sure which treatment is best for you, feel free to give us a call at (346) 703-2075 and we’d be happy to discuss all our different options!

The Cure

Don’t suffer needlessly. Our hangover therapies will rehydrate and replenish your body and relieve your toughest symptoms.

The Immunity

Viral Illness
Boost your immune system and help your body recover from a viral infection.

The Migraine Relief

Get quick relief from the pain and nausea of a migraine headache with our special migraine drip.

The Classic “Myers”

Jet Lag
Don’t let multiple time zones affect your vacation. Hit the ground running with our jet lag drip and you won’t skip a beat.