IV Therapy

We’re proud to partner with The Dash IV to provide IV Therapy here at LVWellness & Aesthetics. The Dash IV is a concierge IV therapy company created by Dakota Meyer. Its mission is to promote health and well-being and deliver quick and effective results to clients that are looking to boost immune systems, help combat illness and enjoy peak performance.

Regardless of why you need IV therapy, The Dash IV will provide you with the best possible experience and leave you feeling healthier, stronger, and more energetic. Come visit our locations in Austin or Houston, or schedule a mobile visit and we’ll come to you.

Why IV Therapy?

IV Therapy is the fastest, most efficient way to deliver the nutrients, vitamins, and medications the body requires for total body harmony. By bypassing the digestive system, IV Therapy helps ensure close to 100% absorption.

Some of the major IV Therapy advantages included are:

  • Nearly instant health benefits
  • Multiple treatment options
  • Mobile service available

IV Treatment Options

We offer a variety of different IV Therapies that can help in different ways such as Peak Performance to help those prepare or recover from a physical competition to Viral Illness to give your body the essential nutrients to help fight or recover from illness quickly. If you are not sure which treatment is best for you, feel free to give us a call at (346) 703-2075 and we’d be happy to discuss all our different options!

Health & Wellness

Immune Boost
Vitamin Boost


Peak Performance
Fitness Recovery
Fast IV Pack 


Viral Illness
Jet Lag