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What is Kinesics?

Kinesics is a life changing program that allows our trainer to evaluate every imbalance, strength & limitation within your body. Our trainer performs 70 different measurements throughout your body, determining which areas are either ideal, moderate or severe. This scale is based upon your lack of flexibility, range of motion and imbalances. These limitations can affect your life and your daily routine, either by decreasing your strength and performance ability or causing pain in different areas of your body. The results from your evaluation will allow us to develop a customized comprehensive program that will give you the tools inside and outside of our facility to decrease your pain, and increase your overall strength. This program will help you to accomplish your goals in the most effective way possible.

Kinesics for PAIN

We see several patients that either have a pain from a previous injury or a daily pain that has yet to be diagnosed properly. Anytime there is a restriction/abnormality in a joint complex it can cause a disturbance to the natural balance the joint has. Common causes of pain are a symptom of subluxations in a joint or muscles being too tight that will cause a stiffness and a lack of movement. Common symptoms of tight muscle groups can cause:

  • Pinched nerves = numbness
  • Anterior/posterior tilt of the pelvis = low back pain
  • Tight traps/neck = headaches and tension

These are just a few examples of the most common symptoms resulting from muscle restrictions. If the foundation of your body is not aligned, you have a higher risk of injury as well as increased pain.

Kinesics for PERFORMANCE

Several training programs whether it’s athlete based, a fitness facility, personal training or weight loss do not begin with an evaluation that outlines your restrictions, range of motion and risk for injury. Whether training at our facility or a local facility, we highly recommend receiving an evaluation that will outline your restrictions, and abnormalities. When correcting postural abnormalities and range of motion restrictions, this will help increase your performance. When working on performance as a whole, you need to consider strengthening and stretching techniques to reduce injuries, increase power, and maintain a healthy structural foundation for your body. When your body has a tendency to lean/twist one way or the other, it can effect the amount of ideal momentum and peak power you can naturally provide.



The Evaluation

This is your WHY! Our evaluation takes no longer than 20-45 minutes depending on the type of evaluation you receive. Our Human Movement Specialist takes a series of range of motion measurements, giving us insight on your strengths, range of motion, limitations, and imbalances. Since muscles work in groups together, where there are weakened muscles, there are also associated tight muscles. The Kinesics Evaluation provides us with clear indication of your body’s need for mobility. Together, this will allow us to provide you with a customized program to correct your posture and any musculoskeletal disorders.


You will receive an in-depth data report on your overall musculoskeletal risk and most vulnerable-to-injury areas. This can be shown to your physician, chiropractor and trainer, giving them further insight on your restrictions and imbalances.

The at-risk areas are monitored and re-evaluated for changes on regular intervals by our Human Movement Specialist. Progress is tracked in the Individual Comparative Report.


Following the initial evaluation, our Kinesics trained professional will provide you with an extensive report detailing your body’s specific imbalances, asymmetries and possible hidden sources of functional limitations.

Participants receive an in-app customized flexibility program to address the areas rated as moderate to severe risk for injury. Many of these stretches will be designed so that you may complete them daily without any hindrance to your current daily functions.

Participants have in-app access to view their programs, watch video tutorials, and check-in for accountability. The customized flexibility programs can be executed in as little as 5 minutes! After reviewing your results with your Kinesics Trainer you will begin a 15-30 min stretching demo, guiding you through each stretch in your program.


After receiving your evaluation, you will have access to the Kinesics Software App. You’ll be able to locate your color coded avatar that showcases the imbalances throughout your body in colors: green, orange and red. You will have access to your results from your evaluation, which will show your progress throughout our Kinesics program tracking your improvement and reduced restrictions. In the App you will be able to also view your customized stretching program, check in to your assigned stretches each day, as well as view a short video on how to perform the stretch with proper form.


Muscular Symmetry (Arthrokinematic Assessment)
We perform a Arthrokinematic Assessment (AKA)on your upper and lower body along with their corresponding muscle groups to evaluate your:


• Ranges of motion
• Levels of joint mobility

Any restricted range of motion is compared to the opposite side of the body in order to assist in the development of a corrective stretching and mobilization program with maximum precision, which is essential to fully restoring proper movement patterns in the least amount of time.

Spinal Symmetry (Osteokinematic Assessment)
To get a more in-depth evaluation of your body’s alignment and future potential for injury, we perform an Osteokinematic Assessment (OKA) to access alignment and symmetry in the mobility of your neck, upper back and lower back regions. The OKA is similar to assessing the frame of your car to diagnose reductions in performance related to certain misalignments.

It measures specific spinal range-of-motion deficiencies. This evaluation identifies changes in the curves for three areas of the spine and further measures how they flex, extend, rotate, and bend.

Those areas of the spine include:
• Neck (Cervical)
• Upper Back (Thoracic)
• Lower Back (Lumbar)

The OKA also measures the angles of the:
• Pelvis
• First Rib
• SCM (Neck Musculature)

Postural Symmetry
A 3-D Digital Postural Analysis, is performed to evaluate structural and postural deviations on a global scale from three different angles:

• Anterior (front)
• Posterior (back)
• Lateral (side)

This allows us to evaluate every deviation in your body in inches and degrees, giving us a detailed view of your body from head to toe. These postural deviations can be related to musculoskeletal imbalances of tight and weak muscles throughout your entire body.

We offer a variety of training programs and therapies to help further your success in our program. Ana, our Human Movement Specialist, will review these program options as well as our different memberships during your results review, following your evaluation.

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