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Emsculpt is a trailblazing, non-invasive procedure that burns fat and stimulates muscle growth simultaneously. Utilizing High-Intensity Focused Electromagnetic (HIFEM) technology, the Emsculpt device prompts 20,000 contractions in the target muscles during a 30-minute session. The sheer number of contractions in that period puts most high-intensity workout regimens to shame. While many other body contouring procedures sculpt away unwanted fat, Emsculpt is the only one to strip away fat while leaving behind stronger, more toned muscles.

Consultations offered at our three convenient locations in The Woodlands, Magnolia & Houston, TX.

Emsculpt Benefits

Lose Fat

As muscles contract, the body sends fat cells from neighboring fat deposits to supply energy so the muscle can ward off fatigue and exhaustion. When the contracting muscles use these fat cells, they are broken down and discarded by the body’s natural process. In a workout, the muscle contracts on each rep of any given exercise. So, you can have perhaps a few hundred contractions during the entire workout; nowhere near the 20,000 contractions created by just one 30 minute Emsculpt session. By contracting the target muscle this many times in such a small window period, your body burns much more fat than a standard workout. Researchers studied patients after their Emsuclpt procedure. They found that patients lost on average 3.8 centimeters around their waist – almost two pant sizes!

Real Toned Muscles

When muscles contract under foreign, heavyweight, their fibers rip then subsequently heal. This process of breaking the fibers down and building them back up is how muscles become stronger and more toned. However, in a workout, a muscle can only contract so many times until fatigue sets in. With Emsculpt’s HIFEM technology, your muscles can contract past the point of fatigue. Patients in one controlled study of Emsculpt’s results showed a 20% increase in muscle mass of the targeted areas two weeks after their sessions.

No Downtime Required

The beauty of the Emsculpt procedure is the sheer ease that comes with this treatment. After this non-invasive procedure, you will be free to return to your daily life without any lingering pain or limitations.

Emsculpt Treatment Areas

By utilizing state-of-the-art HIFEM technology, you can experience fat loss concurrently with muscle growth in some of the following areas:

  • Calves
  • Arms
  • Buttocks
  • Abdomen