Weight Loss Management

At LVWellness & Aesthetics, our weight loss management program is carefully designed and tailored to fit one thing in mind: your weight loss journey. Research has shown that when logged and managed, significant weight loss can be experienced.

With his revolutionary approach to health and wellness, Dr. Justin Hogan serves the Houston locale with real, genuine results. Whether your goal is to lose weight or weight management, Dr. Hogan is adept at diagnosing the issue and accumulating a proper action plan to attack your weight loss journey head on. If you want to get a head start down your path of weight loss, please feel free to schedule a personal 1-on-1 with Dr. Hogan or feel free to call our Houston office at (346) 703-2075 today!

Diet, Exercise, & Dr. Hogan

The staples to any weight loss regime are the tried and true balancing act of a proper diet and active lifestyle. But sometimes these pillars to a healthy life (and a healthy weight) may be a mountain that feels too insurmountable to climb alone. Or maybe you have in the past been able to keep a stable weight, but it has since been derailed by the hills and valleys that come with life. That’s why Dr. Hogan has skillfully crafted his weight loss management services: to provide professional, encouraging aid for anyone who wants to lead a healthier lifestyle and get their weight under control. With a personal, extensive gym on site, Dr. Hogan and his team offer his clients an unshakable atmosphere of encouragement.

Benefits of Weight Loss Management

With Dr. Hogan’s weight loss management protocol, you can experience:

Healthy weight management
and weight loss 

Better sleep 

An increased awareness of
your own body composition

More energy 

A better understanding of
the science behind weight loss

A more rounded
approach to weight loss