The Areas You Can Target With Woodlands Coolsculpting

Areas That You Can Target With Coolsculpting In The Woodlands

A little extra fat can ruin an otherwise perfect day. You woke up feeling confident and good about yourself but then you walk past a mirror and your confidence crashes. Your stomach is spilling out over your waistband. Your thighs are jiggling. It is not a pretty site.

It seems that there are areas of fat that just will not budge no matter what you do. These spots could be perfect targets for a Coolsculpting treatment. Coolsculpting works to destroy fat by freezing it off. The treatment is based on the fact that ice cold temperatures destroy fat cells and force the body to flush them out within a few weeks. Targets for this treatment include the stomach, the thighs, and the chin. A Coolsculpting machine is made up of different sized applicators. They are all made for different parts of the body. LVWellness & Aesthetics is here to address the question: Is Coolsculpting for you? Read more about it below to find out!

Chin and Neck

Once upon a time the only way to get rid of a double chin was through liposuction surgery. If that double chin came with sagging neck skin it called for another surgical procedure, a neck lift. Now both of these areas are prime targets for the magic of Coolsculpting.

Coolsculpting has made a special device that treats the chin area specifically. This device is called the CoolMini and it replenishes lost contours to the chin. If you are ready to say goodbye to your double chin, check into CoolMini. You have a new option to get rid of that double chin and restore your confidence. This special device is smaller than the standard-sized Coolsculpting applicators, and it fits over the chin perfectly. As with the other applicators, the CoolMini procedure can take approximately one hour to complete.

Many people find they get the results that they want it just one treatment. Other people get the results they are after by undergoing two or more sessions of Coolsculpting.

Love Handles

These are those infamous areas around the waistline that are hard to get rid of. They get their name from being something a person tends to grab when they go to give you a hug. It is a unique person who has love handles and has any love for them! This is where Coolsculpting can help once again. The flanks, which is another name for love handles, can be targeted successfully by Coolsculpting. If you have tried every exercise in the book and still gotten nowhere with your love handles don’t worry. You can give Coolsculpting a try.

Because there are two love handles you have two options for your Coolsculpting session. You may treat one side at a time or you can treat both sides simultaneously. This process is known as Dual sculpting and it cuts your treatment time down quite a bit.


The upper arms change as people age. Even those who used to have toned, shapely biceps start to notice changes. Fatty deposits and loose skin emerge and cause arms to look like floppy batwings. This excess fat is another great target area of Coolsculpting. Coolsculpting gets rid of the excess fat in upper arms. The one caveat is that it must be fat and not just excess skin. The applicator might make the problem worse by tugging at the skin. One thing Coolsculpting can do that liposuction cannot is to remove fat gradually. This gives the skin the advantage of bouncing back so that it does not become loosened as it might do after a liposuction procedure.

One other advantage that Coolsculpting offers is treating each arm with a special device just for that part of the body. The CoolFit works just like the CoolMini. The applicator fits around the upper arms perfectly allowing the treatment to be even more effective. As with the CoolMini and treating love handles, to get a balanced look from Coolsculpting when treating your arms, you must do two sessions. If you do not want to do two sessions – one for each arm – choose a Dual sculpting procedure instead.


This part of the body is the one area where people most often want a Coolsculpting targeted treatment. This is not a big surprise because many people have stubborn belly fat. To get yours treated effectively you might choose to do several sessions of regular Coolsculpting or you might want to do DualSculpting.


You can get rid of saddlebags and even get a thigh gap with Coolsculpting. You can get two sessions done so you can treat each thigh separately, or you can get a Dual sculpting session. If you want to treat the inner thighs and the outer thighs you need to get separate sessions for these. This treatment is done with the CoolSmooth applicator. This applicator gets at those stubborn fat spots on the thighs and eliminates them.


Coolsculpting is the best treatment for men who have gynecomastia. This is a condition where their breasts become enlarged. While it may not work to eliminate the enlargements on every man, it can help lessen the problem. If a man has a lot of excess breast tissue, surgery may be recommended in place of Coolsculpting.

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