Staying Tone With Coolsculpting & Simple Arm Exercises


In many cases, the way we feel doesn’t match what we see in the mirror. It can be hard to keep your weight at a healthy level, even if you strive to maintain a diet and exercise regimen. One problem spot that a lot of people struggle with is the arms. It’s not unusual for people to see a lot of fat building up around their arms, even if they regularly exercise. Some people that have lost a lot of weight still struggle with arm fat. This isn’t just a problem that seniors and people that are overweight have. Arm fat can keep your arms from looking toned and muscular. What’s the best way to take care of arm fat for good?


It doesn’t matter if you’re fresh out of school or ready for your retirement. Your health and fitness levels are probably very important to you. A lot of people in America are highly focused on their physical and mental health. It’s not unusual to see senior citizens that are in amazing shape. Many people are dedicated to maintaining a healthy, nutrient-rich diet and a solid exercise routine. That said, when people are younger, they’re a lot more likely to try to work to achieve that the abs or the arms of the celebrities that they love. Even if someone is a great shape, it’s possible that they have problems with fat and excess flab. Coolsculpting is here to help people that have fat around their biceps or triceps. A coolsculpting treatment will help people get the arms they’ve been working for.

Coolsculpting can help you achieve the goals that you haven’t been able to hit with diet and exercise alone. If you’re having a hard time with a problem spot, or if you suddenly put on some extra weight, coolsculpting is here to help. Everyone has had issues with body fat at one point or another. No matter what the source of your problem is, LVWellness & Aesthetics can help you. After your coolsculpting treatment, you’ll be able to lose that last bit of fat. From there, you’ll have to motivation you need to work towards your other goals. Once your arms are in perfect shape, you’ll want the rest of your body to catch up!


You don’t have to be concerned about coolsculpting. As mentioned above, it’s non-invasive, which means it isn’t risky at all. The procedure is actually very comfortable. If you’d like, you can read a book or even take a nap while your treatment is being done. The vacuum-like coolsculpting applicator and gel pad will be placed on the problem area — the fat around the arms — for approximately one hour. The cool temperatures of the gel pad will freeze fat cells, and the vacuum portion of the applicator will work to draw in fatty tissues.

Since this procedure minimizes risk, the temperatures of the gel will never be low enough to cause any sort of harm or damage to your skin or your nerves. Coolsculpting is a safe, simple, and effective way to kiss your arm fat goodbye for good! Of course, there are a few lifestyle changes you can make that will allow you to get even more from your LVWellness & Aesthetics treatment! Here are a few things you’ll want to consider adding to your workout routine.


You’ll be able to maintain the results of your coolsculpting procedure with the right exercises. All of these exercises can easily be done while you’re at home.


Body and weighted tips are a wonderful way to ton your triceps and your back muscles. That said, you should be cautious; this exercise places quite a bit of pressure on your wrists. Make sure you don’t injure yourself when you’re exercising your arms.


Anyone that’s spent time exercises knows how to do a push-up! If you add either a decline or an incline to your push-ups, you’ll be able to give your arms and even better workout! Push-ups are a fitness staple for a reason.


Planking is already a wonderful way to work both your arms and your core. However, if you include lateral arm raises in your workout, you’ll see much better results. You might want to try combining planks with push-ups for a more varied and intense workout.


You probably remember doing pull-ups in gym class! This simple exercise is still a wonderful way to work your arms. Chin-ups, which require you to keep your arms closer together, can also be a good option for people that are working on their arms.

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