Pain free… finally!


It was my senior year in high school when I was suddenly tackled onto the football turf. As I fell to the ground my legs were slung swiftly over my head, with my toes slamming into the turf. I remember feeling a very dull sensation as I pulled myself up from the ground with pain radiating into both legs. I unfortunately had to be pulled from the game and sit on the sidelines pondering of what could possibly be wrong.

The following morning I was taken directly to the emergency department only to find out I had experienced 3 large disc herniations within my lower lumbar spine. Due to the large herniations, I was advised to undergo epidural steroid injection along with months of physical therapy.

I was 18 years old at the time I underwent my first epidural injection. I am now 34 and had to endure a total of 9 epidurals and several rounds of physical therapy that were always able to minimize the pain a tolerable level, only to come back with a vengeance, until I found Kinesics.

I was entering my 3rd year of residency, when I was unable to continue on dealing with the debilitating lower back pain anymore. I had met with an orthopedic spine specialist and even placed myself on the schedule for surgery. The week before my surgery, I was walking through the hospital when all of the sudden I came across the hospital’s top exercise sports therapist who advised me to undergo a Kinesics evaluation and functional movement therapy courses

All I am thinking is great, another physical therapy training! But, I thought, what do I have to lose. So, I told myself, if this doesn’t work, l will finally undergo back surgery.

Well the day had finally come for my Kinesics evaluation. The entire process took about an hour and I was in complete shock on how many imbalanced muscles were found during my evaluation.  I have to say, this day moving forward literally changed my life.

Over the next 6 weeks I underwent functional training therapy 3 days a week, which was like no other therapy sessions I had ever experienced. I had undergone months of physical therapy throughout the years after my initial injury, but always ended up back in the same position…pain!

Initially I was extremely skeptical , but after going through the program I learned how to activate particular muscles in my body to not only help protect the areas of my lower back from re-injury, but was able to achieve almost 100 percent pain relief.  

I remember the day I woke up without experiencing any pain whatsoever, which literally brought tears to my eyes. My daughter was 2 years old at the time this was going on and I wasn’t even able to roll around on the ground with her due to the severity of my lower back pain. I was finally able to enjoy the small, but important things in life again!

So when I decided to open the doors to LVWellness & Aesthetics I made a promise to myself that I would bring the knowledge of Kinesics to my facility in order to help improve my patients quality of life.

Kinesics changed my life and I know it can do wonderful things for my patients as well!

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