Nutrition plays a major role in our overall health. In the fast-paced American lifestyle, we typically grab food on the go, usually opting for something boxed, packaged or processed.

Food is one of the most potent medicines we have to help prevent and combat underlying disease states. Making poor food choices can be detrimental to your health. Let LVWellness & Aesthetics be your educational guide to help you live longer and live well!

LVWellness & Aesthetics can help you accomplish your health goals through our individualized nutritional counseling. Education is key to understanding what types of foods can help our patients feel better, get to their goal weight, and even help improve underlying hormonal imbalances. We will work with you to create a customized and convenient plan to enable you to develop better eating habits and achieve optimal health.

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Everyone has vices, and let’s face it, food is a major vice in the American lifestyle.

Processed carbohydrates and sugary snacks can be addictive, making it difficult to stick to a healthy diet. Discover success in a health program that is customized for you. 

Let us help you kick those cravings and guide you on the path to make better daily food choices. Contact us for an initial consultation with our certified nutritionist. We will talk about your food habits, vitamin intake, body fat vs muscle percentages and health history, then develop a customized health plan to help you succeed! 


Email Consultation

While many of our consultations take place face to face in our facility, We want to make your Nutrition experience all about what's convenient for you and your schedule. 

Our nutritionists are ready to help you through convenient email consultations. Send us an email to connect with one of our nutritional experts. You will receive a survey about your goals and medical history. After a few individualized questions, they will develop a customized plan to get you kickstarted to a healthier lifestyle. All consulting e-mail correspondence will be HIPPA compliant.  



One of our nutritionists will meet you at a local grocery store and walk you down the aisles for a hands-on learning experience.

We will tell you how the numbers on the nutritional label translate to your personal health. After debunking false health claims and pointing out bogus marketing on product labels, we will show you good alternatives to satisfy your palate. Tell us your typical buying trends and specific food choices, and we can help you decide if they meet your health goals. You can learn things like which fats are “healthy fats,” how to keep your sodium intake under control, and how to add in vitamins and minerals to your diet. We will help you make good decisions, starting at the point of purchase. Contact LVWellness & Aesthetics to set up an appointment.