Near Year – A Healthier You

Let’s face it, the last few weeks of the year are probably the most difficult to stick to your healthy eating habits and exercise routine. Most of your focus becomes distracted by holiday shopping, decorating and the distant relatives slumbering at the house!

Even though its holiday season, this doesn’t give you a kitchen pass to kick your feet up, put on the sweats and eat everything in sight. Everyone tends to wait til January 1st to start their resolutions, when they should be continued throughout the year.

Eating a well-balanced diet is essential. Food is your medicine to a long healthy life! But some say, “I’m eating all the proper foods, exercising fives times a week, but still feel so fatigued!” Certain foods in your diet can either restore or throw off your hormone levels, but remember as we age, certain beneficial hormones such as thyroid, estrogen, testosterone all begin to decline as apart of the natural aging process, which can definitely affect the way you feel!

Below are a few tips to keep to feeling great and aging well!

Portion Control
Yes, that’s right…even though Aunt Cindy is attempting to pile that plate high and fill every square inch of your plate, you must remain mindful of your portions. Most of us tend to overconsume because we tell ourselves we are going to hit the gym in the AM to make up that second helping of turkey dressing. Its ok to indulge in your holiday favorites, but try to pay attention to how much goes onto your plate.

Do Not Diet
January 1st is a time most people start their year off by trying to incorporate some new crazy diet to lose all of the extra pounds they packed on throughout the year. Everything from consuming only bone broth to just eating 500 calories a day. Most start off with unrealistic goals and attempt be too strict on what they are eating and unfortunately always ends up failing. When eating lose weight, its best to set realistic goals for yourself and try to eat for a lasting change, not a short term fix. Remember, this should be a fun process, so try not to focus on the scale so much and set small attainable weekly goals to attain your ultimate goal weight.

Know your Hormone Levels
Your hormones play a role in almost every area of your life; from your mood, your energy levels, body shape, and your metabolism. Do you have difficulty losing stubborn fat around your midsection?  Your hormones could be to blame! Everything from aging, to yo-yo dieting, to stress – these can all alter your hormone levels to work against you. Know your levels!

LVWellness & Aesthetics specializes in looking at every aspect of our patients that could be contributing to a person’s overall health. We take pride in our time with our patients and work together in creating the best plan of action to get them feeling better and living life to the fullest!

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