Male Symptoms of hormonal imbalance



Do you feel tired often? You don't have to blame how you feel on old age. It is typically because of hormonal imbalances, and we can help you get your energy back. 

Hot Flashes

Low hormone levels can cause hot flashes, sweating and feeling faint. It's not just a symptom of menopause, it's also a symptom of andropause. 


Our hormones affect every body system we have, and without regulation, can control our mood. If you are irritable, angry or depressed, your hormones may be imbalanced.

Erectile Dysfunction

Many men experience it, but not many men will talk about it. It's a common symptom, and we can help men achieve increased libido and erectile functionality. 

Muscle Loss

If you have lost muscle mass, or are having a difficult time building muscle, you may be going through andropause. 

Low Sex Drive 

Many men experience a lowered libido during andropause. With our comprehensive program, you can increase sex drive. 


When hormones are out of balance, it causes both men and women to lose sleep. When we are fatigued, we experience memory loss, depression and weight gain. We can help you get a deep, restful sleep. 


Depression doesn't have to be your new normal. Low testosterone decreases serotonin, our happy hormone. Through nutritional counseling and supplements, we can bring back your happy. 

Memory Loss

Are you having problems remembering things? If you aren't as sharp anymore, it could be because of the onset of andropause.

Weight Gain

Andropause can prevent weight loss, and even shift where fat stores are located. Midsection weight gain is more common as we age because of out of balance hormones. The more out of balance your hormones, the more difficult it becomes obtain your optimal weight.


Live Long. Live Well.