Hormone Pellet Therapy: Good or Bad?

Balanced hormones are vital to a patient’s longevity and quality of life and can be administered in several forms, such as a pill form, patch, injection, cream, and even a subcutaneous pellet. The goal of all hormone therapy is to maintain a constant physiologic level. At LVWellness & Aesthetics we want to achieve these levels through the safest and most accurate form of hormone therapy.

One of the newest trends in replacement therapy is in the form of a small pellet, know as Hormone Pellet Therapy, that is inserted into the subcutaneous fat region under the skin. There are several advantages with this type of replacement therapy, such as dosage insertions every 3-6 months to help with compliance and also has a rather steady release of hormones into the body.

This can be appropriate for a subset of patients who do not expect much change within their therapy. The down side is the dosage cannot be adjusted once it has been inserted. If the dose is too high, which can lead to intolerable side effects, they CANNOT be removed.

There also comes the risk of infection due to the invasive nature of the Hormone Pellet Therapy placement. The risk is definitely minimized when the proper precautions have been taken, but in our practice at LVWellness & Aesthetics I have seen numerous patients who have had an infectious complication from their pellet placement.

Hormone replacement therapy is a lifelong process given all of the health benefits and preventative nature of optimization. In my practice I like to have full control over my patient’s treatment regimen as a there is not cookie cutter approach to treating hormone deficiencies. If or when a patient develops unwanted side effects, we can just lower the dosage of the hormone, unlike when a patient develops these side effects with pellets. Unfortunately you can’t just remove the pellets, they will have to dissolve over the next 3-6 months. This is why I prefer to not utilize pellets within our practice

There are several patients who do extremely well on Hormone Pellet Therapy, which is completely okay, I just prefer to have full control when treating my patients within my LVWellness & Aesthetics providing them with balanced hormones and feeling their very best.

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