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We want to help you achieve your Weight Loss goals. With our customized Weight Loss Program, Dr. Hogan will be able to help you discover the lifestyle you and your body needs, helping you lose the unwanted weight and keep it off.

Initial Consultation with Dr. Hogan

  • Your consultation will begin with a Body Fat Assessment. Once assessing different body measurements and vitals, you'll begin your 1 hour one on one consultation with Dr. Hogan. He will be reviewing your weight gain and weight loss history, eating habits, food preferences and cravings as well as your medical history.

Diagnostic Testing

  • Body Fat Composition with InBody BIA
  • Based on your medical history, Dr. Hogan will want to evaluate different imbalances throughout your body. For your convenience we offer In-house blood draws.
  • Different blood work tests may be recommended, including hormone testing, food sensitivity and metabolic testing. (Costs associated with tests will be presented to you for approval before ordering.)

Customized food plan

  • A food plan with suggested meals and recipes will be provided for you to stay on track throughout your Weight Loss Program.
  • Dr. Hogan will want to maximize your nutrition, digestion and metabolism through vitamins and supplements that fit your bodies needs.

Medical Weight Loss Prescriptions

  • Dr. Hogan will recommend different medical weight loss prescriptions that are based upon your testing and evaluation results. Different prescriptions that may be recommended:
    •  Bi-weekly Lipotropic injections to balance hormones, aid fat metabolism, increase energy and improve cellular function. Injections commonly include targeted amino acid profiles known to stimulate fat burning and weight loss. This injection is customized by Dr. Hogan, compounded at the pharmacy located below us, Triumph.
    • Appetite suppressants, if necessary and determined safe for you to use, will be prescribed to help you overcome cravings and overeating.
    • Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy, if necessary, will be used to address severe hormone imbalances.

Health Coaching Resources

  • Dr. Hogan wants to make sure you're staying on track with your program, maintaining a healthy lifestyle. 
  • Throughout your Weight Loss Program Dr. Hogan wants you to feel confident in each step. You will receive email & phone support.

Follow-up Diagnostics

  • During your Weight Loss Program, you will have a follow up at 6 and 12 weeks to monitor progress and determine any additional therapies or alterations to your plan that may be needed. You'll also have access to email Dr. Hogan with any questions you may have throughout this process.
  • During your 12 week follow-up, additional medical and lab follow up will be ordered, as necessary.

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