Our body is communicating to us daily, but do you really know what it's trying to say? We want to help you discover what your body is trying to tell you, helping you reach your health and fitness goals!

We aren't going to sell you on a "quick fix..." typically with any quick fix, the results are either short-term or can affect your total body health. We want to provide you with a healthy lifestyle change with lasting results.

From our Group Classes and Private Training Sessions to our Weight Loss Programs and Kinesics. Every step of the way will be customized to meet your needs.

In order to achieve balance and symmetry in the body we recommend all clients to receive a Kinesics Evaluation before taking our fitness classes. The Kinesics Evaluation allows us to determine your imbalances, flexibility and performance. Performance doesn’t always mean athletic ability, it also relates to how your muscles and spine allow you to perform your everyday movements such as bending and rotating. (To read more about our Kinesics Evaluation >>)

What does our TRX Circuit Training entail? Our TRX Circuit Class starts with 10 minutes of stretching that is customized based upon your Kinesics Evaluation results. Our circuit training incorporates suspension training; developing strength, balance, flexibility and core stability simultaneously. We will also utilize workout tools such as bands, weights, medicine balls, barre and cardio machines to provide you with a fun total body workout. The techniques we use in each class will benefit people of all fitness levels. You can control your challenge/level of intensity by simply adjusting your body position during each step of our class. We will help guide you through accomplishing your health, fitness or weight loss goals in each of our classes.

How much does a single class cost? $20

Do you offer packaged pricing or a membership? Yes, when calling to schedule your class, one of our front desk associates can review that with you. 

How is our training program different than other facilities? We are able to determine your baseline with Kinesics. During fitness classes or work-outs outside of our facility, you will typically work out each body part the same without realizing there could be minor to major imbalances involved. We use your Kinesics results to create balance throughout your body, reducing your pain while increasing your strength.


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