Kinesics program


What is Kinesics?

Kinesics is a software that allows our trainer to evaluate every imbalance, strength and limitation within your body. Total body alignment is key. Once understanding your body, we can then develop a customized comprehensive program with individualized goals empowering you to accomplish your WHY in the most effective way possible.


Watch Dr. Justin Hogan explain Kinesics and it's benefits in the video above.


Being imbalanced can cause pain, injuries
and prevent you from reaching your goals. We want to solve this for you.



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Your WHY! During your consultation any inquiries, complications, problems, experiences and achievements are all taken into consideration to better understand where you are and where you want to go with you health and fitness. 

Your evaluation should take no longer than 45-60 minutes. During this time, a Kinesics trained professional will take a series of extensive flexibility and mobility assessments with active range of motion measurements to identify asymmetries, restrictions, and imbalances that can account for current and future pain or injuries. Your trainer will then use a device that allows to receive a 360º view of your body to assess your posture and body alignment. 

STEP 2: Your Results Review

Following the initial evaluation, you will schedule a second appointment to review your results with our Kinesics trained professional. During your results review, you will be provided an extensive report detailing your body’s specific imbalances, asymmetries and possible hidden sources of functional limitations. You will receive a Stretching Guide and Customized Fitness Plan that is customized specifically for you to address your body’s needs. Many of these stretches will be designed so that you may complete them daily without any hindrance to your current daily functions. After reviewing your results with your Kinesics Trainer you will begin a 15-30 min stretching demo, guiding you through each stretch. 


Once receiving your results and your customized stretching/ fitness plan, we will begin tracking your progress within the Kinesics Software. Your stretching guide and fitness plan can be completed at home or within our facility. These options would be discussed in your results review.

30 Day Fitness Trial

Following your evaluation, you will receive a 30 day Fitness Center Trial where you will have access to our state of the art fitness equipment and access to our personal trainers during “In-House Hours” to assist you in more advanced stretching, offer guidance, and demonstrate some corrective exercises based upon your Kinesics program. The fitness center is available from 8-6pm Monday-Friday, with private women and men locker rooms with showers.


  • Muscular Symmetry (Arthrokinematic Assessment)

    We perform a Arthrokinematic Assessment (AKA) on your upper and lower body along with their corresponding muscle groups to evaluate your:

    • Ranges of motion
    • Levels of joint mobility

    Any restricted range of motion is compared to the opposite side of the body in order to assist in the development of a corrective stretching and mobilization program with maximum precision, which is essential to fully restoring proper movement patterns in the least amount of time.

  • Spinal Symmetry (Osteokinematic Assessment)

    To get a more in-depth evaluation of your body’s alignment and future potential for injury, we perform an Osteokinematic Assessment (OKA) to access alignment and symmetry in the mobility of your neck, upper back and lower back regions. The OKA is similar to assessing the frame of your car to diagnose reductions in performance related to certain misalignments.

    It measures specific spinal range-of-motion deficiencies. This evaluation identifies changes in the curves for three areas of the spine and further measures how they flex, extend, rotate, and bend.

    Those areas of the spine include:
    • Neck (Cervical)
    • Upper Back (Thoracic)
    • Lower Back (Lumbar)

    The OKA also measures the angles of the:
    • Pelvis
    • First Rib
    • SCM (Neck Musculature)

  • Postural Symmetry (Biotonix)

    The Biotonix, a 3-D Digital Postural Analysis, is performed to evaluate structural and postural deviations on a global scale from three different angles:

    • Anterior (front)
    • Posterior (back)
    • Lateral (side)

    This allows us to evaluate every deviation in your body in inches and degrees, giving us a detailed view of your body from head to toe. These postural deviations can be related to musculoskeletal imbalances of tight and weak muscles throughout your entire body.

For more information on Kinesics or scheduling an evaluation. Please contact us at 346-703-2075.

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