• Does testosterone replacement result in gynecomastia?

    Men can tend to develop mastalgia (i.e., painful breast tenderness), but will not develop gynecomastia.

  • How often should my testosterone be checked?

    When initiating testosterone therapy, your serum levels should be checked monthly, until they are optimal, then one can distance their follow ups to 3 and 6 month intervals.

  • Does testosterone replacement cause polycythemia?

    No, testosterone induces erythrocytosis, which is an increase in red blood cell production. This is the same phenomenon that causes people who live at high altitude to have an increase in red blood cell counts.

  • How long should I wait after applying testosterone cream should I wait to have sexual intercourse to avoid transference?

    4 hours

  • Can I use testosterone replacement with a history of prostate cancer that is now in remission?