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Reports To:

LVW Medical Director / LVW Physician

Work Schedule:

Monday through Friday during normal business hours and as needed for special training requirements, events, promotions, and meetings. The demands of the position may require early mornings, late nights, and weekends as LVWellness Aesthetics grows it’s client base and evolves the business.

Commitment To LVWellness Aesthetics:

Do your individual best at all times to help LVWellness & Aesthetics achieve its’ Mission & Vision.

Job Brief:

  • Consistently perform as an exemplary example of quality leadership within LVWellness & Aesthetics by supporting all LVWellness staff to adhere to the processes and protocols within LVWellness & Aesthetics’ model.
  • Ensure all clients, at all times, have a consistent client experience as it pertains to Consultation, Evaluation and Results, as well as supporting all staff to adhere to clinic protocol, and continually setting goals and objectives for each client for recurring services.
  • Perform procedures under the Medical Directors / Physician oversight, ensure quality and efficient clinic service delivery end-to-end and support the clinic’s administrative capacity to serve its intended population.

Essential Responsibilities:

  • Assist LVWellness Medical Director / Physician and other team members with continuous improvement of the quality of LVWellness & Aesthetics’ model related to offering and delivering Clinical services.
  • Assist in the development, growth, and promotion of all other integrated therapy, clinical, aesthetics and functional health services (Kinesics).
  • Learn and continue to improve on all skills deemed necessary for the position as outlined in the LVWellness & Aesthetics Compensation Attributes and Advancement Model, becoming proficient in professional skills related to consultation, evaluation, education, clinical offerings, delivery of services, client instruction, sales and retention, customer service, leadership and others deemed necessary by your level of advancement.
  • Adhere to the standards set forth in LVWellness & Aesthetics’ Customer Service Manual.
  • Assist Medical Director / Physician with: all staff training issues/concerns, facility needs, overall staff morale where applicable and maintain or strive for successful integration across all lines of business.

Major Responsibilities:

  • Provide patients/clients with a high level of clinical service, from visit preparation, visit assistance through follow-up activities.
  • Be familiar with and adhere to the Clinic Policies and Procedures relevant to the tasks.
  • Responsible for advising the Medical Director of any change in status that would affect their ability to perform services.
  • Prepare patients for examination.
  • Collect preliminary patient data, including taking or validating a patient history.
  • Maintain confidentiality to family and all their clients.
  • Responsible for rooming patients, some urinalysis, taking vital signs and weight, blood pressure, temperature, respiration rate and pulse.
  • Duties will also include sterilizing instruments, making appointments, assisting providers during procedures, patient education and entering patient information into the medical records (e.g., scribing)
  • Responsible for consulting with the Medical Director / Physician as needed.
  • Perform injections and phlebotomy.
  • Assist where necessary and possible with patient checkout process.
  • Oversee billing / coding / and follow-up.
  • Ensure the clinic’s compliance with applicable health care quality requirements.
  • Organize meetings and work closely with other programs in the facility to ensure the clinic is highly integrated.
  • Keep track of meeting minutes, clinic tasks and responsibilities and ensure follow up by staff, interns and volunteers.
  • Assist in the development and improvement of the Administrative Policies Procedures for LVWellness & Aesthetics and in accordance with applicable state regulations.
  • Ensure smooth transition between integrated services within the facility (Clinic, Aesthetics, Nutrition, Kinesics).

Advanced Attributes and Requirements:

  • Required Qualifications and Experience
    • High School Diploma or Equivalent with minimum of 2 Year College Degree in associated Medical Assistant field.
    • 1 Year Experience working as a Medical Assistant in Medical / Wellness Practice or Clinic
    • Certified in Texas as a Medical Assist
    • Experience in performing phlebotomy and medical injections
    • Experience in handling blood draws, blood storage and urinalysis
    • Highly organized and task-oriented
    • Ability to think analytically and creatively in order to solve problems
    • Proficiency in Word, Excel, eMail and ERP Record Systems
    • CPR Certification desired
    • Collaborate closely with other team members (physician, aestheticians, trainers) to carry out treatment plans and achieve excellent results while meeting patient expectations
    • Have a good working knowledge of all medical clinic procedures performed within the practice
    • Flexibility regarding work hours; ability to work nights, weekends, and some holidays.
    • Must be able to pass Background Check and Drug Testing
  • Desired and Additional Qualifications and Experience
    • Must be able to effectively communicate both verbally and written, with all level of employees and clients in an attentive, friendly, courteous and service-oriented manner.
    • Must be effective at listening to, understanding, and clarifying concerns raised by employees and clients.
    • Must be able to multitask and prioritize organizational functions to meet any assigned deadlines.

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