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Reports To:

SVP Operations / President

Work Schedule:

Monday through Saturday during normal business hours and as needed for special training requirements, events, promotions, and meetings. The demands of the position may require early mornings, late nights, and weekends as LVWellness Kinesics grows it’s client base.

Commitment To LVWellness Aesthetics:

Do your individual best at all times to help LVWellness Kinesics achieve its’ Mission & Vision.

Job Brief:

  • Consistently perform as an exemplary example of quality leadership within LVWellness Kinesics by ensuring all training and therapy staff adhere the processes and protocols within LVWellness Kinesics’ model.
  • Ensure all clients, at all times, have a consistent client experience as it pertains to Consultation, Evaluation, Results Reviews, Program Designs, and Re-Evaluations, as well as holding staff accountable for adhering to this process and documenting progress, SOAP notes, and continually setting goals and objectives for each client.

Essential Responsibilities:

  • Assist SVP Operations, and professional training & therapy team on continuous improvement of the quality of LVWellness Kinesics’ model related to training & therapy services.
  • Assist in the development, growth, and promotion of all other integrated training, therapy, and functional health services.
  • Learn and continue to improve on all skills deemed necessary for the position as outlined in the LVWellness Kinesics Compensation Plan and Advancement Model, becoming proficient in professional skills related to consultation, evaluation, education, the program design through implementation phase, client instruction, sales and retention, customer service, leadership and others deemed necessary by your level of advancement.
  • Adhere to the standards set forth in LVWellness Kinesics’ Customer Service Manual.
  • Consistently evaluate and re-evaluate clients as set forth in the LVWellness Kinesics Client Evaluation Process, inclusive of year 1 and beyond.
  • Effectively communicate results and goals / objectives to clients on both a session by a session and monthly basis.
  • Fulfill specific position description that supports departmental goals.
  • Assist SVP Operations with: all training staff issues, facility needs, overall staff morale, maintain or strive for high performance teams in all departments.

Attributes and Requirements:

  • Complete LVWellness Kinesics Training (All Phases) within first 60 days
    • Kinesics Human Movement Specialist – Certified KHMS.  Requires completion of Kinescis Theory, KTC 1, KTC 2 and KEC.
  • Three Advanced Approved Certificates and a College Degree (preferably in Kinesiology or similar); or Master’s and Two Advanced Approved Certifications
  • Proficient at Designing and Implementing Corrective Flexibility & Mobility Programs
  • Proficient at Designing and Implementing Cardiovascular Program Design
  • Proficient at Initial Evaluation. Re-evaluation & All Phases Program Design, including Overseeing Other Level Program Design
    • (Initial Phase 1; and Re-evaluation Phases 2, 3, 4)
  • Proficient at Conducting Biotonix, Movement Screen, AKA, OKA, Matrix, Gait Analysis, Structural Balance
  • Attend LVWellness Kinesics Sales/Business Development Workshop as required
  •  Complete Fitness Management 101

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