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Cellulite is a stubborn form of fat found on many people’s bodies, and it is considered that removing this fat is near impossible; however, you need to note that it is not quite so impossible. Coolsculpting is a type of body contour treatment that helps freeze away fat and effectively removes the number of fat cells in the body via a non-invasive process, also known as cryolipolysis. Approximately 90 percent of females will, at some point, discover they have cellulite on their body regardless of whether they are thin or overweight. Dieting and exercise can only do so much to remove the lumpy fat deposits from beneath the skin, and the best way of removing the cellulite is via surgery. Surgery can be an uncomfortable process that will require long-term recovery; however, there is also the option of coolsculpting.

Coolsculpting in is one of the more revolutionary skin treatments utilized to improve the overall appearance of cellulite deposits without the discomfort or lengthy recovery period. It operates by using a process known as cryolipolysis. The technique employs an extremely cold temperature to freeze away fat cell layers beneath the skin. When an individual participates in this procedure, the body will merely metabolize any destroyed fat cells.


Coolsculpting techniques are effective treatments for “love handles” or flanks, “muffin-top” abdomens, upper-back fat, lower-back fat, male breasts, double chins, and flabby arms. There are six various units in different sizes allowing the treatment to be targeted to a specific area. Temperatures utilized to cool the fat range from 5 to -11 degrees Celsius. The applicator of this treatment is controlled to reduce fat deposits in a localized manner and reshapes the body via body contours. The work done is due to exposure of the skin causing a subcutaneous fat tissue to disintegrate, while not harming any skin cells above the tissue.

The term “cryolipolysis” can be translated to mean freezing of fat. It stems from the Greek word “cryo” for cold, “lipo” for fat and “lysis” for loosening. This procedure is deemed low-risk and the low level of complication makes it a strong alternative for invasive liposuction procedures. This is one of the reasons why coolsculpting is used in various clinics, facilities, and spas where the brand units are approved for administration. The coolsculpting units operate by freezing fat that is below the skin. While this procedure cannot be used to remove large amounts of fatty deposits, it can certainly improve the appearance of any cellulite in the treated area.


When an individual participates in the coolsculpting procedure, they will experience a sensation of being touched by ice. When the fat cells freeze, they are eliminated from the body naturally. Full elimination of the fatty cells takes approximately 12 weeks to complete; however, fat loss of approximately half an inch can be seen following an hour of treatment. The first treatment is always considered the most effective one, but the other treatments may need to be completed several times over.

The idea for this coolsculpting concept is said to have emerged when doctors noticed children eating popsicles, and grew up to have dimples. This is because the fat inside the individual’s cheeks was eliminated by the ice from the popsicle. There are some side effects involved in these procedures, but they are considered temporary, such as bruising or redness.  According to national statistics, approximately one million coolsculpting procedures are performed each year – a figure that exceeds the 220,000 liposuctions and 110,000 tummy tuck procedures. Of course, for ideal results, the individual needs to maintain a healthy diet with exercise.


The coolsculpting procedure is performed in a private room at LVWellness & Aesthetics. This provider assesses the area to be treated and then places a paddle on either side of the area where the fat needs to be removed. Light suction applicators pull the skin gently and the paddles remain in position for the first 45 minutes or so in order to “freeze the fat.” This is not a painful process, and it does not require any anesthesia for the patient. At first, the individual will feel a sensation of pulling; however, this only lasts until the numbing sensation overtakes them. We ensure that all steps are taken to ensure our patients are comfortable during the coolsculpting treatment. When waiting for the procedure to finish, we allow the individual to speak on their phone, enjoy a cup of coffee or even nap. Dependent upon the specifics of the treatment, the average procedure takes approximately half an hour to 45 minutes.

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