About LVWellness & Aesthetics



LVWellness & Aesthetics is a community-based, multi-practice medical center. Using an integrative approach and highly individualized care, we focus on helping people achieve and maintain overall wellness.

Our goal is to improve your total physical health, and our step-by-step process is created to help you succeed. Our doctor begins with a personal consultation to learn about your medical history and health goals. To gain a thorough understanding of your body’s current state, we complete a full blood panel. In addition to a thorough physical evaluation, we will occasionally use a state of the art assessment software called Kinesics. Through integrative medical treatment, nutritional counseling and physical fitness therapy, we will address any underlying health issues. Additionally, we offer minimally invasive aesthetic procedures to keep you looking and feeling your best. For continued success, you can join our educational classes and support programs throughout your transformation.  

Our campus is designed to help you follow through with the comprehensive, personalized plans we create. Our facility houses a medical clinic, aesthetics facility, a fitness and training center, an in-house lab, unique waiting salons, and men's and women's locker rooms complete with an infrared sauna. Within our complex, we have also partnered with other businesses for our patients' convenience, such as Triumph Pharmacy and an upcoming coffee and juice bar with a healthy café. At LVWellness & Aesthetics, we want to help you live long and live well.

Justin Hogan, M.D.

Dr. Hogan believes that the doctor/patient relationship is crucial to his clients' success. The average doctor spends 13-16 minutes with their patient. Dr. Hogan believes the lack of personalized care and understanding of a patient's medical history is one of the many factors leading to unhealthy lifestyles and increases in illness and disease. Dr. Hogan and his team spend time with patients, asking questions and explaining the integrative techniques. His personal interest in each client's health shows in his success in preventative medicine for cardiovascular disease, diabetes, obesity and hormonal imbalances. Beginning with a one-on-one, extensive conversation he counsels his patients through nutritional support, supplements and other corrective fitness therapy. Throughout these life-changing treatments, Dr. Hogan is available for consultations and adjustments to the plan. 

Dr. Justin Hogan completed his Internal Medicine training at the Tulane affiliated site of Baton Rouge General Hospital in Baton Rouge, La. He is dedicated to continuing his education and pursuing training in the latest advances in his field. He is a member of the Texas Medical Association, World Link Medical, American Academy of Aesthetic Medicine and A4M. 

I enjoy one-on-one time with my patients. Through our conversations, we develop a personalized plan so they can stay healthy and age well. When my clients experience success, I experience success.
— Justin Hogan, M.D.